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…where your Stripper NFTs earn $STRIP Coin for you!



Put your Strippers to work in one of the 10 X-Generation Strip Clubs and watch as they work and earn that infamous $STRIP coin!


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Stake Your NFTs

Login to the Stripperville Dashboard and Stake your NFT Stripper in a Strip Club.


Earn Charm Points & Poach Customers from other Strip Clubs... Earning you $STRIP Coin.

Introducing Gamified Staking

What is StripperVille?

StripperVille is a gamified staking project. We wanted to take the idea of staking and bring it to the next level. In StripperVille your Strippers are essentially being staked by being sent to a club, the highest earning clubs based on the rules earn the most $STRIP. $STRIP is the utility token that StripperVille Revolves around. StripperVille Staking Game puts a game aspect on staking, you don’t just send your Stripper away and that’s it, well it could be, but if you play with strategy you can maximize your $STRIP revenue by winning the game. Customers equal points, and in this Staking Game there are Charm Points, Poaching, Thieves, and Customers all affecting the Score of the Strip Club which will in turn affect the amount of $STRIP your NFTs will earn.

USE Cases for $STRIP Coin?

Enter raffles for exclusive NFTs, 1/1 Rare NFTs, 2nd gen NFTs, ETH, $SAND, Stripper upgrades, IRL events, Casino/Arcade and much more.

2nd Gen Strippers & Voxel Images
Dropping Summer 2022

SV Metaverse in Sandbox
Coming Fall 2022

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$STRIP coins issued by StripperVille may drop substantially in value and/or may remain illiquid for long periods of time or indefinitely. StripperVille cannot guarantee an active secondary market for the exchange of $STRIP coin or NFT´s.

We are not financial advisors and in no way intend to be. Investing is always risky, do your own research prior to purchasing and never spend more than you are willing to lose.

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